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"I was literally just having a conversation with my roommate about new, organic ways to meet other people in our building. We just moved to NYC during quarantine and it has been difficult meeting people.
Excited to see what my neighbors and I have in common! Great idea!"

Don't plz don't

IĀ love OneRoof

"Oneroof is an awesome app. It has allowed me to interact with neighbors like never before.
Meeting your building mates can be tough, especially during lockdown. Getting to know my neighbors through OneRoof has allowed me to build those connections without having to see them IRL."

Patty Q-S


We are not from NY and this app allowed us to meet our neighbors during quarantine and become really good friends!

I really recommend it!


Great idea!

"We used this app in our building and become friends with so many of our neighbors! Really appreciate it."