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Meet people with similar interests living in your building

Build new friendships during quarantine, with your neighbors. Convenience guaranteed.

From gaming groups to dog play dates. So many options when you’re part of the OneRoof community!

Does your pet need a friend?

A fun, pet play date or a dog walking stroll with a fellow dog parent living in your building sounds pretty awesome, right?

Definitely a win-win for you and your pet, as you’ll both get to make new friends!

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Did you run out of sugar while baking a cake?
Or maybe you need a screwdriver?

Just ask your neighbors! OneRoof is your go to marketplace where you exchange goods and services with people living in your building.

Your neighbors have the answers

Having Wifi trouble?
New to the neighborhood?

Don’t worry, your neighbors might have the answer! Whether you have questions about an issue, a good ramen place nearby, or just need some guidance on a topic, ask a neighbor.

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Download the app and enter your building number

To start chatting with your neighbors, download the OneRoof app and enter your building code.

Where to find your building code?
See our FAQs

Choose your interests to join relevant chat rooms

It’s time to tell us a bit more about yourself, to help us match you instantly with likeminded neighbors!

Share your hobbies and interests and you'll be added in relevant chat rooms.

Get the buzz going!  

Chat, connect, buy, sell, exchange, cook, the options are endless!

Meet people in your building and be part of the OneRoof Community!


What people say about OneRoof


"I was literally just having a conversation with my roommate about new, organic ways to meet other people in our building. We just moved to NYC during quarantine and it has been difficult meeting people.

Excited to see what my neighbors and I have in common! Great idea!"

Don't plz don't

I love OneRoof

"Oneroof is an awesome app. It has allowed me to interact with neighbors like never before.
Meeting your building mates can be tough, especially during lockdown. Getting to know my neighbors through OneRoof has allowed me to build those connections without having to see them IRL."

Patty Q-S


We are not from NY and this app allowed us to meet our neighbors during quarantine and become really good friends!

I really recommend it!


Great idea!

"We used this app in our building and become friends with so many of our neighbors! Really appreciate it."

Get started

Start OneRoof in your building

Let us know and we will get your building community started


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a building code to use OneRoof?

Yes! OneRoof is a chat app for people living in the same residential building, so each building has a unique 6-digit code. If you can’t find your building code, email us at including your building address and apartment number, we’ll help you out!

Where can I find my building code?

If the landlord or management signed up your building on OneRoof, you can find the 6-digit building code in the email they sent. If you heard about OneRoof through in-building posters or other physical collateral, you can find your 6-digit building code on those.  

If you’re not sure whether your building signed up or not to OneRoof, email us at and we’ll help you find the code, or setup a OneRoof community in your building!

Are there community rules?

Yes, below are the 5 major community rules:

- Only for people who live in the building
- Inclusive of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities
- No hate speech, aggressive or harassing comments
- Attempt to solve issues with specific tenants on your own or with management first
- Respect privacy, don’t share group posts with non-tenants without permission
To see the full terms & conditions, please visit here.

How can I refer a neighbor? 

Each building has a unique 6-digit code. To refer a neighbor who lives in your building, tell your neighbor to download the OneRoof app (Apple Store link here and Google Play link here), and share your building code with them. We’re working on building a referral page within the app, so you can soon refer a neighbor with a click! 

If you want to refer a neighbor who doesn't live in your building, please share our email with them to setup a OneRoof community in their building.

Can my landlord access our chat? 

A landlord or management can only access the chat if they registered as a user in the app. You can search users by clicking on the plus sign (+) that's located on the DMs tab in the app. If your landlord or management wanted to join and participate in OneRoof, you will see a channel called “management” or “building announcements” where you can chat directly with them.

How much does this app cost? 

It’s free! You can download the OneRoof app for free from Apple Store or Google Play.

What happens when I move out? 

Currently the OneRoof communities are only for the current residents of a building. However if you move out, we’d love to help you establish a OneRoof community in your new building! We encourage you to build new connections and make new friends wherever you live. You can get in touch with and we’ll help you set it up.