Frequently Asked Questions

If yours is not covered, email us at support@oneroofapp.com

Do I need a building code to use OneRoof?

Yes! OneRoof is a chat app for people living in the same residential building, so each building has a unique 6-digit code. If you can’t find your building code, email us at support@oneroofapp.com including your building address and apartment number, we’ll help you out!

Where can I find my building code?

You can find your building code here. If you heard about OneRoof through in-building posters or other physical collateral, you can find your 6-digit building code on those.  

If you’re not sure whether your building signed up or not to OneRoof, email us at support@oneroofapp.com and we’ll help you find the code, or setup a OneRoof community in your building!

Are there community rules?

Yes! OneRoof is designed to be a peaceful, respectful, and inclusive environment. Below are some of the community rules.

- Only for people who live in the building
- Inclusive of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities
- No hate speech, aggressive or harassing comments
- Attempt to solve issues with specific tenants on your own or with management first
- Respect privacy, don’t share group posts with non-tenants without permission
- No promotion of self interests allowed

Please see our full list of community rules and guidelines here.

What can I do if I see someone post harmful content?

When you encounter any message that you believe includes harmful, ill-intended, harassing, or illegal content, please flag it right away! You can flag a message by long tapping on the message bubble and selecting "Flag Message". Any flagged message will be sent to OneRoof's content moderation team for their review. As a result of the review, the flagged message could be removed from the chat, and the user who has posted it could also be temporarily or permanently banned from using the app. This process is further described in OneRoof's Terms & Conditions.

How can I refer a neighbor? 

Each building has a unique 6-digit code. To refer a neighbor who lives in your building, tell your neighbor to download the OneRoof app (Apple Store link here and Google Play link here), and share your building code with them. We’re working on building a referral page within the app, so you can soon refer a neighbor with a click! 

If you want to refer a neighbor who doesn't live in your building, please share our email hello@oneroofapp.com with them to setup a OneRoof community in their building.

Can my landlord access our chat? 

No. OneRoof is for neighbors only.

How much does this app cost? 

It’s free! You can download the OneRoof app for free from Apple Store or Google Play.

What happens when I move out? 

You can check if there is a OneRoof Community in your new building and join it!

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