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Neighbor Pts & Tiers

Event Sponsorship


What is a shire?

A shire is your hyper-local circle within a 5-minute walk!Shire is the new face of 21st-century urban neighborhoods that are community-driven, and grassroots, where people belong and unite under OneRoof.

Who is in my nearby?

We believe in hyper-local connections, so bounded a ‘neighborhood’ to be within a 5 min walk to your address, to connect you with your most relevant and convenient neighbors

Can people in my nearby see my address?

No, they will not be able to see your building address; they will only be able to view your profile.

What is a Super Neighbor?

Super Neighbors are part of an exclusive community-building ambassador program at OneRoof. Want to apply? Find out more here: https://www.oneroofapp.com/super-neighbors/university

Where can I find my building code?

You can find your building code here. If you heard about OneRoof through in-building posters or other physical collateral, you can find your 6-digit building code on those.  

If you’re not sure whether your building signed up or not to OneRoof, email us at support@oneroofapp.com and we’ll help you find the code, or setup a OneRoof community in your building!

Are there community rules?

Yes! OneRoof is designed to be a peaceful, respectful, and inclusive environment. Below are some of the community rules.

- Only for people who live in the building
- Inclusive of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities
- No hate speech, aggressive or harassing comments
- Attempt to solve issues with specific tenants on your own or with management first
- Respect privacy, don’t share group posts with non-tenants without permission
- No promotion of self interests allowed

Please see our full list of community rules and guidelines here.

What can I do if I see someone post harmful content?

When you encounter any message that you believe includes harmful, ill-intended, harassing, or illegal content, please flag it right away! You can flag a message by long tapping on the message bubble and selecting "Flag Message". Any flagged message will be sent to OneRoof's content moderation team for their review. As a result of the review, the flagged message could be removed from the chat, and the user who has posted it could also be temporarily or permanently banned from using the app. This process is further described in OneRoof's Terms & Conditions.

How can I refer a neighbor? 

1. On the main chat room page, you will see an emoji of a person with a + in the top right corner. Click that, and a pop-up will appear where you can locate your building code, personal invite link, and personal QR code. If you want to collect points for inviting others, please only use your personal 'invite link' or 'QR code'.

2. If you want to refer a neighbor who doesn't live in your building, please share our email hello@oneroofapp.com, with them to setup a OneRoof community in their building.

How can I refer a neighbor? 

1. Each building has a unique 6-digit code. To refer a neighbor who lives in your building, tell your neighbor to download the OneRoof app (Apple Store link here and Google Play link here), and share your building code with them.

2. Under the neighbor directory, you will see a neighbor emoji with a + sign over it in the bottom right corner. Click on it and find more ways, such as a personal QR code and invite link, to invite neighbors.

3. If you want to refer a neighbor who doesn't live in your building, please share our email hello@oneroofapp.com with them to setup a OneRoof community in their building.

Can my landlord access our chat? 

No. OneRoof is for neighbors only.

How much does this app cost? 

It’s free! You can download the OneRoof app for free from Apple Store or Google Play.

What happens when I move out? 

You can check if there is a OneRoof Community in your new building and join it!

I am having trouble uploading photos as a message.

If you are having issues uploading photos, please check the following depending on your device.
1. Go to your phone settings
2. Click on Privacy and Security
3. Click on Photos
4. Click on ‘OneRoof’
5. Click on ‘All Photos’ to allow permission for OneRoof to access your photo library and allow you to post.
1. On your phone, open the Settings app.Tap Apps.Tap OneRoof. If you can't find it, tap See all apps.
4. Tap Permissions.If you allowed or denied any permissions for the app, you’d find them here.To change a permission setting, tap it, then choose Allow or Don't allow.

How do I sign-up?

 Please download the app from here -> Android / IOS       
  * Tap "Create an account"                
* Enter your Name                            
*  Enter your email add, password and tap on sign up                            
* Enter your building code
*If you cannot find your building code, check here or email us at hello@oneroofapp.com 

How can we remove a user who is no longer living in the building?

 Please email us at support@oneroofapp.com 

How do I report a user?

1. Please flag the message you would like to report, or
2. Please send us an email at support@oneroofapp.com and a brief description of why you reported that user.

Do I need to ask management to create a group in my building?

No need, We are an app for neighbors by neighbors only.

How can I tell my neighbors about the app? 

Ways on how to invite neighbors to join the app:
* Share your personal link                              
* Request Door hangers or posters

How do I get reimbursement for the event that I hosted?

Email support@oneroofapp.com to see if you qualify. Only pre-approved events will receive reimbursement.

Do you sell my information to any parties? 

We respect privacy and don’t sell any data (as we wouldn’t want our data to be sold), You can see our privacy policy by clicking here. Privacy Policy 

How can I block someone? 

- Open the app and open chat room sections by clicking the icon located at the bottom left of the page
- Then click on any chat room that the person also participates in
- Click on the name of the chat room
- Here you can see the list of people
- Click the three dots located besides the name of the person you want to block
- Here you can click the block option and block that person

Why are you asking for info on my profile? 

We encourage all neighbors to fill out their profiles so that other neighbors can learn more about you and feel comfortable connecting. Your apartment # and email remain private and are just required to verify your account.

How can I delete my account? 

Go here to delete your account.
Or if you have recently moved, check in settings if your new building exists by clicking ‘Join the new community”.

Can I access the app using my laptop or computer? 

OneRoof building chat groups are currently only available through the phone app.

Neighbor Pts & Tiers

What is OneRoof Neighbor Points & Tiers?

OneRoof’s new point-based system recognizes and rewards neighbors who engage in positive interactions, lead productive conversations, organize real life gatherings, invite more members, and add value to their neighbor community.

How do I move up or down a Tier?

You will earn Neighbor Points based on your participation, contribution, and engagement in your neighbor community. You can see your total Neighbor Points on your profile page in OneRoof. You will reach a Tier by collecting enough Neighbor Points required to unlock that Tier. You can also see on your profile page how many Neighbor Points you are away from unlocking the next Tier!

How long does it take for my Neighbor Points to appear after I perform an action?

Neighbor Points will appear on your profile within 24-48 hours. For example, if you invited a neighbor to join your OneRoof community using the in-app invite link, the Neighbor Points for inviting a new member will appear on your profile within 24-48 hours after your invitee joins. There is one exception- Neighbor Points that you collect for creating an event (through the Events feature) will only appear after the event is complete and if you had a min of 1 RSVP.
If your Neighbor Points still do not appear after 48 hours or after you host your event with at least 1 RSVP, please quit and re-open the app. I
f you think some points are still missing, please reach out to support@oneroofapp.com

I am moving to a new building, will my tier level transfer?

Yes if you move your account directly on the app! If you’re moving into a new building, go to Settings (in OneRoof app) and scroll to ‘Join new community’. You can move your account to your new neighbor community from there. Once you move your account, your Neighbors Points and Tier will directly transfer as well!
Important: If you sign up again using another email, we are NOT able to transfer your old Neighbor Points and Tier to your new account.

My points are no longer there?

You may have lost points if you deleted your account, created a new account using a different email, deleted your event before it occurred, or had content posted removed due to community guidelines.
If you believe there was a mistake please email support@oneroofapp.com  

Do my points expire?

No, they are yours forever!

What are the rewards I will receive?

As a contributor of your neighbor community, you earn Neighbor Points when you start or participate in conversations, invite new neighbors to join (via app), welcome new members by waving, create an IRL event, engage with neighbors and more. Neighbor Points that you collect lead to you moving up Tiers the unlock special badges and rewards. Your badges and Tier will be visible to other neighbors so you can get wider acknowledgement! If the Tier you unlocked has special rewards, you will be alerted via email, so please make sure that you are subscribed and that the emails don't end up in your spam folder.  

How do I view my redeemed points? 

To determine how many points you have accumulated to redeem, please email support@oneroofapp.com. We will build this into the platform shortly to provide a more seamless experience. 

Who does not qualify for rewards?

At the moment, rewards are exclusively available to OneRoof neighbors who reside in the United States and are adhering to our Community Guidelines. If we discover that you have violated these guidelines, we reserve the right to decline your request for redemption.

How do I redeem my points? 

Check rewards here, and fill out the linked form. A support member will be in contact within 2-4 business days. Thank you for being patient with us while we operate this new system. 

OneRoof Rewards Eligibility

OneRoof U.S. neighbors can participate and redeem points.Businesses and field ambassadors are not eligible to participate or redeem points.

Event Sponsorship

How do I receive neighbor event sponsorship?

Neighbor event terms and conditions:
OneRoof will sponsor up to 2 building events ( each up to $100).
To receive sponsorship for a neighbor event, the following needs to be met;

  1. The neighbor must have filled out the event sponsorship application form and gotten an approval email.
  2. The neighbor hosting must post to the OneRoof event section, a minimum of 7 days before the event.
  3. The post must be using the event feature.
  4. The neighbor must have a profile photo.
  5. The OneRoof neighbor community must have a min of 20 neighbors signed up.
  6. They have 4 weeks from approval to host the event. After that time the reimbursement offer is relinquished.
  7. Create an inclusive event, that any neighbor 21+ may attend.

To receive reimbursement, the neighbor must;

  1. The neighbor must have filled out the event sponsorship application form and gotten an approval email.
  2. Used the event section on OneRoof to post about the event.
  3. Submit a min of 5 quality photos (featuring neighbors).
  4. Submit all receipts.
  5. Submit the reimbursement no longer than 30 days after the event was hosted.
  6. Have a profile photo on OneRoof.

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