Community Guidelines

OneRoof was founded with the mission to create wonderful, supportive, fun, and resourceful neighbor communities around urban cities. On that note - we want every neighbor on the platform to feel safe, respected, included, and comfortable in their building group chat. We know that bringing so many people from different backgrounds and opinions can sometimes arise conflict. Still, we also know it can create AMAZING communities - so choose to be respectful and focus on how wonderful your neighborhood can be, and only good things will come.

Below are a few guidelines we highlighted for those using the app, and here is the full legal Terms & Conditions of this service. Please keep in mind that it's your very neighbors whom you share the same elevators, hallways, package room with in this app, who you're chatting with.

Respect all your neighbors 🙌

There is zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination of any kind including against race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, national/ethnic origin. This is your community. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Be yourself 💙

Don't pretend to be someone else. The name and photos that appear on your profile should be of your authentic self.

Photo and video guidelines 📸 :

  • No nudity
  • No guns or weapons
  • No pornographic content
  • No graphic hunting photos
  • No gore or violence

Respect privacy 🔒

OneRoof chat groups are designed only for residents living at the address specified. Please do not add random people who do not live at your residence address in the group.

  • Only share the private 6-digit code to enter your building chat with neighbors at your residence
  • Do NOT share residents' info or content posted in the building chat group with anyone else or across any other platform

NO spamming 💬💬💬 or scamming

You may not Sell animals on this platform 🚫

We do not allow for the sale of animals on the platform. Re-homing or adoption is subject to review, but absolutely no animal sales for monetary gain. We believe pets are family, and therefore, we treat and love them as such.