5 Brilliant Ways To Make Friends in a New City

5 Brilliant Ways To Make Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city can be challenging. Being able to make new friends is a good way to adjust to your new place, so here are 5 ways to make friends in a new city.

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Whether for personal or professional reasons, moving to a new city can be overwhelming. Basically, moving means being separated from the life you have known all along — you have been uprooted from your social circle, family ties, and former colleagues and are expected to rebuild a new network for personal and professional development. And for sure, this is no easy endeavor. 

For working adults, making new friends can particularly be challenging due to the lack of sufficient time to socialize. There is also the reality that you probably made all your friends in college or your previous job and might not be adept at forming new relationships at this advanced stage of life. 

While it might take a little effort, it is absolutely possible to make friends in a new city. Here are practical ways to get you started: 

  • Use mobile apps to meet new people
  • Bond with coworkers  
  • Visit local museums, zoos, and aquariums     
  • Get a dog 
  • Turn exercising into a social event

These ideas are discussed in-depth below;

Use mobile apps to meet new people

Making new friends in a new city takes a considerable amount of time and planning for it to actually happen. But even before you find your bearing, you can always turn on the internet to show you where to begin. Thankfully, there are numerous apps that can help you find and befriend locals who share common interests. A few of them include;

  • Meetup

  • Meetup is a platform where you can find groups that host online or in person events and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

  • Yubo

  • Yubo is a social platform where you can find new friends through live streaming and authentic interactions.

  • Nextdoor

  • Nextdoor is an app for neighborhoods where you can get local tips, buy and sell items, and more.

  • Friender

  • Friender is a mobile app that connects people with common interests. Connect with new friends to do the things you love!

  • Skout

  • Skout gives you the ability to connect with people around the world no matter where you are


  • UNBLND is a worldwide social network that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends. You get in touch with like-minded people based on your interests and hobbies. You get to know real people, unblind their profiles and make plans together! Are you wondering what makes this app different from others? Firstly, no profile picture is visible. You are anonymous. People look for friends based on shared interests and their preferences. Within the UNBLND app fancy pictures, likes and popularity are useless. It’s only your true self that matters. Secondly, you cannot search for any users or groups yourself. The sophisticated algorithm will automatically suggest interest groups for you. The approach of UNBLND is as personalised and thoughtful as possible.

    You can download it on Apple Store and Google Play. Happy UNBLINDING!

 In fact, some apps are dedicated to specific events, such as dinner parties and outdoor activities. You can do a quick Google search to find those that are focused on what excites you. In no time, you are sure to find people you can hang out with and get to know each other. 

Bond with coworkers  

Your colleagues at work (assuming you moved for work-related activities) can be one of the best ways to make new friends. You interact with your coworkers every day, so you've probably met one or two individuals who have something in common with you. As long as you are accessible and sociable, you will find some friends among your colleagues. 

Even better, you can organize events in your house, say dinner or a day to watch a game. This can be ample time to get to know more about each other and hopefully form long-term friendships. 

Visit local shops

Online shopping is easy, but it may not be the best option if you intend to meet new friends. As you shop for items for your new house, try visiting local shops where you stand higher chances of meeting persons of interest. And besides being a way to meet new people, popping into local stores will be an ideal opportunity to see and enjoy the new environment and any exciting features. 

If you feel intimidated to approach random people, go to the store and inquire about an activity you love. For instance, you can ask about open enrollment book clubs in the local book store. This can be an effective avenue to meet people who have common interests.     

Get a dog 

Believe it or not, dogs can help you make new friends sooner than you thought. During the weekend, take your dog for a walk or visit a dog park. And while your dog interacts with other dogs, you can be having a casual conversation with the person next to you. Even sharing a simple joke can be the beginning of a true friendship. 

If you don't have a dog, why not consider getting one from an animal shelter in your area? In any case, you will be doing something positive for the community while creating a means to meet new people. 

Turn excising into a social event

Joining a local gym or yoga classes is another way to make new friends, and of course, keep fit while at it. By regularly attending that one particular gym, you will meet different people from the neighborhood, and over time, you will get comfortable talking to them. 

Besides, it's easy for you to find an exercise partner who can become a friend outside of the gym. Let them know you are new in town and won't mind having someone to familiarize you with the city. 

Indeed, making friends in a city does not have to be daunting as long as you leverage the numerous opportunities life presents you. With these tips, you are ready to go out there and get yourself a few buddies to be your new circle of friends. 

We understand the challenges of making friends in a new town, a reason we have developed OneRoof application to do the hard work for you. Contact us to learn how you can easily connect with friends digitally and effectively.            

Bonus Tip: Improve Your Social Skills

Moving to a new city is a great opportunity to improve your social skills. Since you're a new person in the new city, you can behave... like a new person. Nobody knows you from before, and that gives you a certain amount of freedom in how you behave and carry yourself.

That's a great opportunity to try out new social skills, techniques, and experiment in how you make friends. To improve your social skills, you need some practice, and the best place to practice is somewhere where you have the benefit of the "blank slate."

Another reason moving to a new city is great for your social skill, is that it forces you to make a move. You have to take action if you're going to make any friends.

Don't see it as a burden! It's not. It's rather a blessing because once you improve your social skills, they'll stay with you and will be useful in all areas of your life. Once that happens, you'll have this rare privilege of feeling like you can move anywhere in the world and start making friends from scratch.


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