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Just Moved? How To Get to Know Your New Neighbors

Just Moved? How To Get to Know Your New Neighbors

If you just moved to a new apartment building, Getting to know your new neighbors is key to feeling home and feeling part of a community.

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Have you just relocated to a new place? Frankly, it might be hard to get to know your new neighbors. Most people genuinely don’t know where to start when it comes to making new friends in a new apartment or block. Well, we are here to help! Here are a few tricks and tips that will smoothen the process.

Introduce yourself

The best place to start is to introduce yourself to some of your immediate neighbors. Of course, you cannot expect to meet new friends while keeping yourself locked in your apartment. Try to get out of the house and mingle with friendly gestures. For example, you could introduce yourself when you meet your neighbor in common areas like the parking lot. Explain that you are new to the area and would like to make their acquaintance. If your apartment has a rooftop, you could take advantage and bask in the sun while making new friends. Engage in a casual conversation and try to listen more than you speak.

Tip: Be careful to read the non-verbal cues and the mood as you initiate conversations.

Ask questions

You will likely bump into one of your neighbors as you do tasks outside, like taking out the trash. A good way of initiating conversation is by asking questions. For example, you could ask them where to find the best food or the most popular recreational activities in the area. Avoid asking yes and no questions, and make sure you enquire about their opinion. This way, they will gravitate towards talking about their preferences and interests. The next time you meet, follow up on your previous conversation or provide feedback on the locations they recommended to you.

Housewarming party

If you love to party, why not throw your new neighbor's casual welcome party to celebrate! We would recommend not inviting too many people at once because you might not interact with all of them. Remember, the housewarming party is a way to know them better. Identify people who share your interests or schedules. Mingle and have fun!

Be yourself

Again, moving houses can bring about bouts of anxiety. You might feel the need to put your best foot forward. However, it would be counter-productive to be a people pleaser or creating a false first impression on your new neighbors. Unless your stay is short-lived, you will be spending a lot of time with them, and your true nature is bound to reveal itself with time. It would save everyone a lot of trouble if you were authentic from the onset.

Ask for help

Moving into a new apartment can be hectic and tiresome. You will need more than just your hands to get all the work done. Asking your neighbors to help you can be one way of creating a closer connection. As you unpack, you can ask each other pertinent questions, for example, the safety of the local neighborhood and the best schools in the area. You could ask around if your neighbors know a good plumber to fix your leaky faucet or if they know someone who can fix electrical faults

Offer help

You can also take note of how you can lend a helping hand to your new neighbors. Assess what skills you possess and how you can put them to use to their benefit. By doing this, you are showing that you will be a good neighbor. It assures them that they can always count on you. You never know how much impact you can make in someone's life by doing a simple act of kindness.Get yourself involved when you see your neighbor struggling to change their tires or help them carry their grocery bags up the stairs.

Be friendly and approachable

Wouldn’t you find it difficult to approach someone who is constantly grumpy? That is why it is best to always try to wear a genuine smile on your face. Wave hello whenever you meet in the parking lot or elevator.
If you cannot afford to throw a housewarming party or have your hands full with unpacking, the least you can do is greet your neighbors in the initial stages. From there, you can assess the situation and take things a step further and have a brief conversation when you bump into each other in the hallway. Just this small gesture can create the impression that you are a warm and lovable person.

Don’t push

All friends were once strangers at some point. You do not want to overshare or overstep into their boundaries too much when making new acquaintances. The first interactions are bound to be short and straight to the point. It is important to know that building friendship takes time, and you should not feel frustrated when you do not hit it off from the onset. Some people are like hermits and prefer to keep to themselves, and you should not make them feel like you are invading their personal space.  

Ask to be introduced

It is not possible to know everybody that lives in the apartment complex. Now that you have established a good relationship with a handful of your neighbors, ask them to introduce you to other people in their circle within the apartment. They will probably ask you to tag along to an event they have been invited to, and this way, you will widen your scope. Not only will you make new friends, but you might also find someone in your field of expertise who can connect you with new job opportunities. You also never know who might need your help. Take advantage of the fact that you have someone who can speak on your behalf.

In a Nutshell

Getting to know new neighbors is all about being authentic.After all, your true self will show in the long run. Make sure you are kind, helpful, and thoughtful. Do unto others what you would like to be done unto you. Make sure you honor your promises and put a genuine effort into your friendships.


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