New tenants moving in to their new apartment

Moving to NYC? This Guide Has You Covered

The ultimate step by step guide to plan your move to NYC. Get all the pertinent information you need to start your new adventure in the city that never sleeps.


When you invest in a new home in a brand new city, you’re really making an investment in yourself and your dreams. If those dreams have you planning a move to New York City, you are in luck. OneRoof app can help you adjust to life in your new building, but in the meantime, we’ve put together this helpful moving guide.


Essentials for Newcomers to New York City

Are your plans bringing you to the Big Apple? Then you’ll need these links and tips:

  • Relocating your business to NYC?Then it’s helpful to know your boroughs.
  • Need to update your LLC business forms? File online through a site like ZenBusiness.
  • You can also register your business with the local chamber of commerce.
  • You can update your license but getting to know NYC transit is also wise.
  • These expert recommendations will help you find anew doctor in NYC.
  • Newcomers will never run out of options for adventure in the Big Apple!


Don’t forget to:


You have so many exciting changes to look forward to! So don’t let worries or stress about getting settled and taking care of the basics in NYC get you down. Use guides like this one to help you every step of the way. Soon enough, you’ll feel right at home!


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