Tired of living in miami

Why You Can Get Tired of Living in Miami

Why You Can Get Tired of Living in Miami

Just like any other city, Miami has a beautiful side and a side that can also push you to the limit. Before making a move to Magic City, here are some of the reasons why you can get tired of living in Miami.

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Miami is the seventh-largest state in the US and is currently the second-largest metropolis on the East Coast. This sunny city has had its fair share of trials and tribulations, from the 1926 hurricane to the Great Depression. Despite the major setbacks, the natives defied all odds and ensured Miami stood back up on its feet. It is not hard to see why people are drawn to the Magic City, whether to retire or simply move to Miami to work or study. On the flipside, there are factors that can make your stay in Miami unbearable. Let us look at some of the top reasons why you can get tired of living in Miami.

Life in Miami is relatively expensive 

For starters, the cost of living in Miami is 16% higher than the rest of the United States. To be able to afford life comfortably in this city, you have to earn somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. Rent and transportation costs will be among your highest monthly expenses, not to mention the high utility costs you will incur during the hot summer months. On the bright side, you won't have to pay income tax. However, living in Miami will not be the best option if you have recurring healthcare issues. 

The dense population also makes it hard to find affordable housing in Miami. Sure, you can rent a house in Downtown Miami for as low as $1,500 per month, but most people are adamant about living in the suburbs. Experts recommend allocating about 30% of your income towards your rent. Therefore, for someone earning $53,971 per year, thirty percent of their annual income would be $40,416. This leaves them with only $13,555 to manage the rest of their expenses, which are also not cheap. However, you can still find affordable houses if you look hard enough. 

It isn't easy to find work without a college degree 

Now, Miami boasts a lot of solid trade and manufacturing industries and international companies that offer lots of job opportunities. You might not have a hard time finding employment in Miami if you have skills that are marketable and are in high demand with local employers. However, looking for work without a degree might limit your options and make it hard to survive life in Miami. 

Some neighborhoods experience crime 

Miami is no exception to crime as the average percentage of violent crime stands at 48.8%. property crime is currently at 62.7%, 27.3% higher than the national average. However, it would be best to focus on the specific neighborhoods where crime thrives instead of looking at the numbers. There are plenty of safe and conducive neighborhoods for raising a family. For instance, areas such as North Coconut Grove and Downtown Miami have recorded a 60% reduction in crime rate. 

The weather is hot and humid 

Miami is full of sunny skies, and the warm weather attracts tourists from all around the world, especially people from cold countries. However, the humidity in this city can get too intense, especially during summer. You might find yourself sweating profusely, even when you are under a shade. 

The Miami weather could take some time to get used to and it can be frustrating for people who don't like warm climates. The good news is that everywhere you go will contain air conditioning to provide you with some respite from the scorching sun. Expect your utility bills to skyrocket in the summer. 

There are a lot of bugs in Miami

The tropical weather in Miami is ideal for the survival of numerous species of wildlife and tropical plants. You can take a closer look at the flora and fauna in Miami by visiting the many national parks the city has to offer. However, you will also find many giant bugs, insects, and reptiles who love the Miami weather. Examples of creepy crawlies you can find include roaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies and spiders. Please don't be surprised to come across a few snakes and scorpions. 

Miami has heavy traffic 

The city of Miami is home to roughly 430,000 people, not to mention the many tourists who visit each year. This dense population is a major contributor to the heavy traffic in Miami, which can leave you feeling frustrated. The traffic ranking in Miami is ranked as the fifth-worst in the US. 

Even though owning a car is the most convenient option for public transport, get ready to spend substantial money on fuel and other additional monthly costs. If you live a few minutes from work, you will be lucky not to get slowed down by the brutal traffic and either walk or take a bike ride. Walking or biking not only helps you save money, but you can also get in shape much faster!

Miami is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes 

Contrary to popular belief, Miami is not always sunny. The tropical weather makes the city experience hefty rains that sometimes lead to flooding. Finding roads and freeways covered in floodwater is not unheard of, making it both difficult and unsafe to drive around Miami. As if the flooding wasn't bad enough, Southern Florida is prone to the occurrence of thunderstorms and hurricanes. These acts of nature lead to power outages, destruction of property, and even loss of lives. Without a doubt, constant floods and thunderstorms would lead to getting tired of living in Miami. 

Tardiness can become a part of your life 

The average commute time In Miami is about thirty minutes, and that is if you are lucky enough to find light traffic. Generally speaking, the people of Miami tend to have a laid-back culture and do not seem to hurry. 

Well, the city comes alive during the evening hours, and even then, expect guests to arrive thirty minutes to one hour late. If you are in the habit of arriving early wherever you go, life in Miami will be extremely frustrating. Again, it would help to wake up earlier to try to beat the traffic. 

Wrap up 

Just like there are two sides to a coin, there are some pros that might make you consider relocating to Miami. The food scene in Miami is to die for, not to mention the lack of income tax and the many outdoor recreational activities the sunny city has to offer. Just ensure you do some due diligence to find if moving to Miami is right for you!


Should I move to Miami?

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