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16 Clear Signs Your Neighbor Likes You

16 Clear Signs Your Neighbor Likes You

There are clear signs your neighbor likes you or not that you can always watch out for. You’ll learn the signs exhibited by both sexes by reading this article.

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If you’ve asked yourself the question, “does my neighbor have a crush on me?”, this article will confirm your assumptions. This information is especially vital if you like your neighbor too. 

You can still approach someone even if they have no romantic feelings for you yet. You can simply figure out how to hit on your neighbor or how to make your neighbor fall in love with you.

But if they like you already, that makes it all the more straightforward, doesn’t it? Your romantic crusade will still require care, but it won’t be an uphill battle anymore.

Besides, definitely seeing the signs your neighbor likes you sends butterflies flying in your stomach – a feeling like no other.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • 8 Clear Signs Your Male Neighbor Likes You
  • 8 Clear Signs Your Female Neighbor Likes You

Take note, though, that although the signs for both sexes remain somewhat similar, there are still key differences you’ll want to watch out for. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

8 Signs Your Male Neighbor Likes You

Male neighbor smiling

These are the signs your neighbor likes you if he’s male. Depending on his personality, some guys tend to be more subtle in showing these signs, while some are more blantant.

Many of these point out to signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it. They could also be signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

Regardless, once he shows almost all of the eight signs listed below, you can definitely say that the guy likes you.

1. He’s Interested In Your Life Outside The Neighborhood

If your male neighbor is very curious about your life outside the neighborhood, it may be a sign he likes you.

It’s normal for people to be curious about your life, especially if they want to be your friend.

However, if your male neighbor is way too interested in knowing more about the things you do in the vaster world outside, he’s definitely into you.

This applies whether you’re a working professional or a student. A guy who likes you will be very interested in what you do, or what field you’re currently studying.

This is because a guy who likes you will want to learn these things so that they can learn a little bit about them too.

That way, they’ll be able to make more conversations with you about the things you enjoy.

2. He Constantly Teases You

One of the clearest signs he likes you but is playing it cool is if he constantly teases you. You may find this irritating at times, but it may just be a love language to him.

Most guys, regardless of age, feel inclined to tease those they’re infatuated with. A lot of them do this because they don’t really know how to channel their feelings.

So instead, they playfully tease you in hopes of catching your attention.

3. His Friends Know About You

A guy who secretly likes you may also tell his friends about you. You may just be surprised to learn that one day, his friends will start greeting you.

They’ll start calling you by name, especially when he’s around. When this happens, there’s an immensely high chance that he’s into you.

He’s told his friends about his feelings because that’s simply what friends do. He’s also done this because he feels the need to tell someone.

He’s just too shy, for now, to directly tell you about it.

He may also be blatantly doing it to let you know he likes you. It’s one of the signs he likes you but he is just playing it cool.

4. He’s Friendly To Your Family or Roommates

A guy who likes you may also start acting very friendly to your family or roommates. You can take note of this once they’ve only started doing so after getting to know you a little better.

This is something you should watch out for because many people are naturally friendly. They may just be friendly to everyone they meet. This, in turn, can lead people to misperceive them.

However, if a guy only starts acting friendly to your family or your roommates once he’s gotten to know you, he may have developed feelings for you down the line.

Thus, he begins to be friendly with your family, roommates, or your friends as a proxy for getting closer to you.

5. He’s Invited You Over

Some guys are shy and reserved, while some will cut right to the chase. Although they won’t tell you outright they like you, they may do things like asking you over to spend more time with you.

Be careful, though, many people, regardless of sex and gender, want things other than genuine romance. You can pretty much tell the difference based on how impatient they can be.

That said, if your goal is strictly romance, feel free to say no for now. Let them understand.

Make no mistake, though, most guys who ask you to come over do so because they like you. Their home is their comfort zone. This helps them interact with you and be as comfortable as possible.

That way, they’re able to be more natural as they’re trying to get to know you better.

6. He Acts More Aloof When You’re Around

A guy who likes you may also act more aloof when you’re around.

There are two reasons why many guys do this.

For one, he does so to catch your attention. He’s intentionally being more aloof to make you laugh. He’s only putting up a show for you to give you a good time.

Another reason is that he’s just too nervous being around you. Because of this, he becomes more inadvertently aloof when you’re around.

7. He’s Given You “Gifts”

A guy who clearly likes you and wants to show it will shower you with gifts clearly.

A friend will give you a gift only occassionally. A neighbor who has romantic feelings for you will give you small gifts even for no reason.

It can go like this “Oh, I accidentally bought two of these things, maybe you could have a use for one?” or “I ordered too much from the farmer’s market and don’t want it all to go bad, would you be interested in having some organic veggies?”

8. He Always Wants To See You

A guy who’s into you will go out of his way to see you all the time. He may start hanging out close to your place with his friends. He’ll chat with you most of the time in hopes of interacting more.

Aside from asking you to come over, he may offer to visit your place instead.

Once again, this will deeply depend on the guy’s personality. A shy person is more subtle about this. He’ll pretend to “accidentally” cross your path when he really knows you’re going to be there. A more confident guy will actively seek you out by chatting or texting you where you are.

This is one of the clearest signs your neighbor likes you if he’s male. His words will say he wants to be around you, and his emotions are telling him this.

8 Clear Signs Your Female Neighbor Likes You

Female neighbor smiling at camera

These are the eight clear signs your female neighbor likes you. Like guys, a woman’s way of showing these signs will also depend on their personality. They’ll either be very subtle or very obvious.

A very common difference, though, is that while guys tend to be more vocal about things, females show things with their actions.

You can definitely know whether they like you or not based on how they act rather than the things they say.

If your female neighbor does almost all of these eight things around you, you’ll know she likes you for sure.

1. She’s Giggly Around You

One of the clearest signs your female neighbor likes you is how giddy they are when you’re around. Whenever you tell jokes and they’re around, they’ll laugh most of the time.

It’s not so much that they find your jokes outright hilarious. Even if they do, the main reason why they’re so giddy around you is that they feel good when you’re around.

That said, everything you do and say heightens the emotion they’re already feeling.

2. She’s Told Her Friends About You

A woman who likes you will not hesitate to tell her friends about you.

Similar to how it is shown when a male neighbor likes you, one of the signs your female neighbor likes you is if her friends suddenly know who you are.

For example, if you’re simply passing by and her friends are extra friendly with you, then you know she’s talked to them about you.

3. She’s May Be Hesitant Letting You Close To Her House

This is most especially true if the woman’s personality is more reserved. A shy woman who likes you may not allow you to get close to her house when you’re together.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

One reason maybe is that she’s already told her closest family members about you. As a result, she knows they’ll be watching her whenever you’re together. She’s shy to be seen with you by her family.

Another possible reason is that she’s kept her feelings a secret, but she’s simply being shy.

Take note that not all women do this. Some don’t mind at all. Some will even ask you to meet their family.

You can simply make note of this if you suspect your female neighbor likes you and she has a shy and reserved personality.

4. She’s Interested In Knowing More About You

One of the signs your female neighbor likes you is that she’s interested in knowing more about you. She’ll probe you about your past, your current interests, and your future goals.

She’ll want to know as much as she can about you to satisfy her curiosity. This is so they can get a clearer picture of who you are.

Most people who are infatuated with someone do this, and women are particularly good at getting this information out of you.

Hilariously, a woman may even ask things about you she already knows. She just wants to confirm it, or hear you say it directly.

5. She’s Mindful Of How She Looks When You’re Around

When a woman likes you, they’ll do their best to look as best as they can around you.

This isn’t because they’re superficial and they want you to like them only based on their physical appearance.

They do this because it helps them feel better about themselves. They become more confident.

Of course, you appreciating their physical appearance simply happens to be a very great bonus.

When your female neighbor starts to be more mindful of how she looks when you’re around, even more so than in the past, she may have started developing feelings for you.

6. She Asks You About Your Romantic History

A woman who’s interested in your will also be interested in your romantic history. They’ll attempt to know more about the people you loved in the past.

They’ll want to know how they started, how things were in the middle, and how they ended.

When a woman likes you, they’ll want to assess how you are as a romantic partner. They’ll want to know your strengths and weaknesses.

They’ll want to know how you treat your girlfriends. Most importantly, they’ll want to see whether you’ll be a good boyfriend to them or not.

As mentioned earlier, there’s also a high chance they already know about your romantic history. It’s also a clear sign a female likes you if they dig up your past. Like an investigator, almost.

7. She Breaks The Touch Barrier

A woman who likes you will also constantly break the touch barrier. She will not hesitate to touch your arms, hug you, put her hands on your shoulders, etc.

It’s a love language a lot of people have, especially women who are confident.

That said, if the female neighbor you suspect likes you keep breaking the touch barrier, it’s a clear sign that they like you. It’s a flirtatious approach and it reveals much about the way they feel about you.

8. She Won’t Hesitate To Comfort You

One of the best signs your neighbor likes you that you can watch out for is how they treat you when you’re down.

This is a thin line and you’ll have to be careful when watching out for this sign. After all, friends do this too.

If a woman you suspect likes you is too worried about you when you haven’t known each other for that long yet, though, it may be because they have romantic feelings for you.


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